CRC SOLAR initiates grand opening of our first factory in Vietnam

CRC SOLAR initiates grand opening of our first factory in Vietnam

Vietnam/15 July 2021 - CRC Solar today initiated the grand opening of our first factory in Vietnam. The factory locates in Hoa Binh province, North Vietnam. It is also the headquarter of our company as well. With strong financial power assured by Vietnamese major banks, CRC Solar is demonstrating the company's resilience and capacity to grow for the domestic market of Vietnam as well as the global markets. 


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CRC solar's principles are reflected in the process of constantly improving the qualities of the PV modules to the developer, the EPC, and, most importantly, the investors. CRC solar's technology strategy is high-efficiency mono-crystalline silicon cells assembled into long-life high-performance modules using cutting-edge manufacturing techniques that reduce manufacturing costs and upgrade energy generation from solar irradiation.


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We also signed the first major deal with BGSolar from Bac Giang province. The contract involves the manufacturing of 2MW for BGSolar. This is a very massive first step for our newly factory.


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