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9 January, 2021

Mr. Mai Anh Tam participated in the Final and awarded the Smart Campus 2019 Contest: “Honoring the idea, the 4.0 solution to contribute to building a smart university” organized by the International Institute of Technology, University of Danang.

On the afternoon of March 20, 2019 at the University of Danang (UD), the final and award ceremony of the Smart Campus 2019 Contest was held. The contest was organized by the UD with the companionship and sponsorship of the University. Côte of the d’Azurd, The Francophone University (AUF) and the business community and experts in the 4.0 technology fields aim to establish a network of connecting smart services in the space. member universities of UD to support teaching, learning, research and creation on the platform of IoTs (Internet of Things) and artificial intelligence (AI).

Attending this year’s science and technology innovation event at UD, there were the presence of Mr. Eric Molay – Science and Development Associate, Embassy of the French Republic in Vietnam; Mr. Régis Martin – Deputy Director of Asia Pacific Office, French Language University Organization (AUF); GS. Stéphane Ngo Mai – Vice President in charge of strategy and development University of Nice Sophia Antipolis, University of Côte d’Azur; TS. Le Son Phong – Deputy Director of the Department of Information and Communications of Da Nang City; Mr. Mai Anh Tam – Chairman of the Board of Directors of Create Capital Vietnam Company; Assoc.Prof.Dr. Ngo Van Duong – Vice Director of UD; leaders of UD’s member universities such as: University of Technology, University of Technical Education, Faculty of Information Technology and Communication and Institute of International Technology (DNIIT) and lecturers, students from 15 the team attended the Smart Campus 2019 Final.

Speaking at the ceremony, Mr. Mai Anh Tam – Chairman of Create Capital Vietnam Company said that launching the contest is a very good initiative in the period when we are talking a lot about the 4.0 revolution, it is also the time. The government is very concerned about how to take advantage of the country’s economic growth opportunities in this revolution.

Mr. Mai Anh Tam – Chairman of the Board of Directors of Create Capital Vietnam Joint Stock Company speaking at the ceremony

The Smart Campus 2019 contest was deployed, designed and applied at 03 member universities and units directly under UD, including: University of Technology, University of Technical Education and Faculty of Information Technology and Communication. 60 teams registered to participate. The highlight to support this year’s Contest is that the University of Côte d’Azur, the French Republic, sponsored the installation of LoRa antennas covering the entire campus of UD’s member schools participating in the campaign. This is a low-power network, specializing in serving IoT applications used in a number of large enterprises and many pioneering cities in the field of smart cities in the world. Over nearly 6 months, the Organizing Committee has selected 15 excellent teams to attend the final round here to announce and present ideas, product simulation solutions directly to the Judging Council who are scientists. , leading national and international expert in 4.0 fields. The Smart Campus Finals’ assessed criteria are novelty, relevance and feasibility in terms of technology and economics.

The final result in the category for faculty, the prestigious International Award with a short-term research scholarship (3 months) in Europe worth 250 million VND belonged to the topic “IoT eco-gateway for building management system ”By Dr. Ngo Dinh Thanh, Lecturer of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, University of Technology – UD. In the UD Award category for lecturers, the first prize went to KS. Tran Van Ly – Lecturer of the Faculty of Electronics and Telecommunications, University of Technology – UD with the topic “Design and manufacturer monitoring and warning devices in the university” based on Lora wireless network ”, the second prize went to Dr. Ngo Dinh Thanh with the topic:“ IoT eco-gateway for Building management System (BMS) and the third prize went to KS Vu Van Thanh – Lecturer of Faculty of Electronics and Telecommunications. , Polytechnic University – UD with the topic “Back-up Data system”.

Mr. Mai Anh Tam, Chairman of Create Capital Vietnam, awarded the Prospect Award to teams

In the category for students, the first prize belonged to DUTDiM Group – Polytechnic University with the topic “FREE-HANDS PARKING”, the second prize went to BK_outstanding Group – Polytechnic University with the topic: “Site management system Smart motorbike parking for students of Polytechnic University, UD and the third prize belonged to S-Bicycle-UTE Group – University of Technical Education with the topic “Research and design of tourism bicycle system for the city. Smart city “and CIT IoT Group – Faculty of Information Technology and Communication with the topic” Auto Attendance By ID. The Prospect Prize awarded by Create Capital Vietnam Company belongs to the group QNHD – Polytechnic University with the topic “Emotional recognition by image processing and applications” and the group S_Bin1-UTE – University of Pedagogy With the topic “Research and design trash system for smart cities” .cfc4cc523bb0d9ee80a1

The Smart Campus 2019 campaign is really meaningful not only to promote scientific research, innovation and entrepreneurship at universities, create a foundation for support, connect educational partners, the government and enterprises to develop applied research and transfer science and technology projects

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