17 June, 2016

Production of Building Materials

Producing and Trading of Building Materials

Create Capital is a leading manufacturer of building materials, providing of building materials serving for commercial and civil construction projects as well as infrastructure projects….

With a strong workforce team and the stable financial ability, together with the modern machinery constantly improved, innovated to serve production; Create Capital has released several products to meet the customer’s requirements and meet the national and international quality standards.

With the experience in building materials business , Create Capital is now the leading supplier of building materials by full package, specializing in providing construction materials for many big projects in Vietnam Country.

Create Capital has been manufacturing the type of products as follows:

• Portland cement and white cement, special cement

• Bricks and Tiles

• Ready-mixed Concrete

• AAC Concrete

• Different types of natural and artificial stones

• Sanitary Wares

• Scaffolding, metal formworks, multi-purpose shelves

• Roller-Shutters, metal doors, pre-engineering components and structural Frames.

• Ceramic Moulds

• Exploiting and processing several types of Clay, Kaolin and white sand

• Several types of packaging

• Mineral processing and Exploiting

• Construction Steel

• Industrial Steel

• Prestressed Steel

• Other products

The Vision of Create Capital: is the Leading Manufacturer of building materials in Vietnam;

Create Capital wish to accompany with our Partners and Investors.

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