9 January, 2021

Viglacera pioneers in the production of high-end Color body tiles

If in 2018, Viglacera has made many marks when rebuilding the name of the Eurotile brand (My Duc Ceramics), in 2019 Viglacera is known as a pioneer enterprise in Vietnam in producing high-grade ceramic tiles. Color body – colored bone tiles design inspired by Europe.

030508_1607 Color body (3)

The remarkable development of the tile manufacturing industry has made double charge technology gradually being replaced by digital printing and enamel printing technology to meet the diverse needs of customers. Because digital printing technology helps create outstanding products that overcome the disadvantages of traditional Granite tiles. In the context of domestic manufacturers unable to manufacture imported substitute products, Viglacera pioneered color body bricks, which quickly created a “fever” in the domestic market. .
Color body inherits and promotes technical innovations from Viglacera’s Singnature high-end tiles with the orientation of focusing application for the exterior areas and high-end commercial center halls. The requirement for products applied in this area is that products must have a high surface hardness, are scratch-resistant and very anti-slip. Viglacera has researched and applied technology solutions to produce Color body bricks to overcome the limitations that products of the same type on the market have not yet met.

1607 Color body (6)In the world, the concept of Color body bricks has not been mentioned by many people because of its scarcity for the double charge product line. Color body is understood as a colored bone brick with a special “bone” layer made up of the base bone material and the natural color layer that is heated at high temperatures. When bone and enamel of the same color system will help the product avoid the effects of external abrasion during use. Besides, the application of the deformed tibial surface solution and the grainy effect (R = 10) helps to bring the anti-slip ability almost perfect. Random digital printing technology with 3 types of semi-grinding, polished and matt surfaces helps to express the beauty of natural stone, and the product is not difficult to clean due to the surface effect creating the required gloss.

In particular, the Color body product has an additional line of Outdoor bones with a thickness of 20mm with a hardness of over 7 Mosh, which is specially formulated for use in the exterior spaces. The product can be used at perpendicular joints or beveled edges as stairs. Diverse surface design is especially suitable for modern projects such as apartment buildings, commercial centers, offices …

Color body is produced by Viglacera with popular sizes 30×60 and 60×60. It is expected that next year will develop more large sizes 45×90, 60×120 and 20×120 mm … The product is distributed on the market with the identification of the box packaging is Viglacera Platinum, is one of the high-end product lines. to increase the competitiveness of Viglacera brand in the market.

According to Mr. Nguyen Manh Hieu – General Director of Viglacera Tiles Trading Joint Stock Company: “In the context of fierce competition in the tile industry, making a difference is the vital factor of an enterprise. This is the driving force for Viglacera to find a new direction by developing high-end products with distinctive value, pioneering and leading in the market. For Color body products, Viglacera aims to focus on the export market, in addition, the product will meet the needs of investors and domestic consumers with more competitive prices ”.

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